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Tips and Hints from Bre-Cole Heating & Air Conditioning
Put our expertise to work for you.  At Bre-Cole Heating & Air Coditioning, we are proud to offer ways for you to get the most out of your equipment.
Wrong or plugged air filters are one of the leading causes for a trouble call and a furnace heat exchange to crack.  The air filters are also the cheapest part to change.  We recommend to change basic filters every month, no matter the usage.  Pleated filters shoud be done every three (3) months or sooner.  Pleated filters offer a better quality filter but do collect much smaller particles than a basic filter.  This means that they will lose effectiveness before our eyes can see it.  So save yourself a trouble call and stay on top of your air filters, it will be the best money you ever spent.
"Mr. Repairman, do we really need to have our A/C checked?"
Absolutely.  Even the smallest issue with an air conditioning system can cause serious damage.  So find a repair company that knows what they are doing with today's systems and set up yearly checks.
Furnace Does Not Heat Enough?
If your furnace runs and provides some heat but not enough, be sure nothing is blocking the flow of warm air.

1)  First, be sure the thermostat is set properly.  Try raising the set temperature 5 
     degrees and waiting a few minutes.

2)  Be sure the room heating registers are open.

3)  Check the filter.  If it's dirty, replace it.

4)  If these simple steps don't work, have a furnace repair technician check our your